Thursday, September 8

Vanilla Whining Post

I have been battling health issues lately.

     About 6 weeks ago I went to my doctor.  There was one lab test that she wanted to check further and I did a test at home which measured my blood oxygen level while I slept.  It was abnormal and I am scheduled for a full sleep study at the hospital in two weeks.  This would all be understandable if I had typical sleep apnea which involves snoring and closure of the throat during sleep resulting in low oxygen.  But.... Lash swears that I do not snore.
     This puts the problem into a different category which is harder to diagnose and treat.  
We won't get the results until 3 weeks after the test, so there is a lot of waiting which is  hard on my patience.  I am relapsing into my usual magical thinking about my health:  "Oh, it will all just go away on its own!" 
     This time, I'm looking at something that may need to be treated for the rest of my life and not with just a pill or two.  My doctor already put me on oxygen at night which involves a big machine at the bedside with several feet of tubing ending at my nose.  Further treatment could involve an even more intrusive machine.
     My mind keeps shouting,  "But I'm too young, I'm always healthy!  This isn't Me!!  There has to be some mistake!!!  Hey, maybe the second test will turn out to be normal."  Didn't I say my thinking was in fantasy-land?  
     Lash has helped with hugs, a listening ear and spankings to relieve tension and help me get my head on straight.  I just needed to vent here and explain why I've been absent lately.  I spend most of my online time researching sleep apnea and, since I don't sleep well at night, I'm fatigued and unable to concentrate during the day.  I can't get into any abstract writing about ttwd.  One thing I am learning about myself is that my submissiveness does not include obeying my doctors without question.  I am going down this path kicking and screaming and looking for ways to escape my fate - actually the opposite of how I approach a spanking!  ;-)
     I've been reading so many good things on your blogs!  When I'm more myself, I'll start commenting again.  


Anonymous said...

Sorry you're having mysterious health issues with your sleep...hope it can be resolved quickly and without a bunch of pills:)!

Love and hugs,

kiwigirliegirl said...

good luck with the tests and results, take care of yourself, we will be here when you get back - take care love and hugs kiwi xx

Daisychain said...

oh, Meow, I am sorry! I am afraid many of us are finding out that the good health we took for granted all these years, (that same good health we expected to enjoy until we were OLD, despite not taking care of it)has had the audacity to up and leave!
Davey and I are having health issues, as are a number of blogger friends recently... hope you get good results ! xxxxxxx

abby said...

Send healthy thoughts your way! Good luck,,,,and as I am always told..don't buy trouble! Hope all turns out fine. abby

Mikki said...

Praying for you... Hoping everything comes out alright!

findingsara said...

I'm so sorry your having health challenges! I'll be thinking of you! Sara

Florida Dom said...

Sorry to hear about your health problems. Good luck and hope they find the answers.


PK said...

Sorry you are having to deal with this. I know how you feel, our bodies are supposed to be on OUR side. Something wrong feel like a betrayal.

Please know I'm thinking of you and let us know what your sleep study finds.


Hermione said...

Meow, I will add my good thoughts for you here too. Being sick is no fun, and the unknown is scary. We are never ready for illness. Concentrate on your health and mental well-being, and blog again when you can.


ronnie said...

I'm sorry your having health issues. Meow. Thinking about you and sending big hugs.


Meow said...

Thanks for the support! It helps so much. Daisy, I know what you mean about that old familiar good health leaving without notice. I thought it would stay until I was really OLD - stop that snickering you under 60s!! Hugs to all, Meow

Lea said...

I actually work in the sleep field and snoring isn't a must to have sleep apnea. But there are many other sleep disorders besides that one, and you are right that some can be a little harder to treat. I hope you get it all worked out and feel better soon.

Meow said...

Lea, Thanks for the comment. I have read a lot but that doesn't tell me what an expert will find out. I just wish it didn't take so long!

Not the Petries said...

It's ok to question your docs. Be you're own best advocate. Sending food thoughts your way. CPAP is cumbersome but does get good results. Do you have COPD?

Meow said...

Laurie, No COPD, no symptoms except insomnia just a slightly elevated Hgb and Hct which my doctor wanted to check out. Thanks for stopping by. I'm making a long list of questions for my post-study appointment!