Wednesday, June 29

Our morning

This big guy was resting just across the street from our house while My big guy was also resting at home.  Lash deserved his nap because we started the day before 6am with a long walk at the lake.  We saw ducks, geese, a couple of pelicans and a bald eagle along the way.  It was a beautiful morning!
     When we got home we ate breakfast, cleaned up and made time for a good hard spanking followed by some fooling around that turned to Seriously Fantastic Sex!   We hope to keep to this schedule most days because we both need the exercise and the spanking.  The SFS will probably be optional depending on time and inclination, but we can hope!

Sunday, June 26

By any other name

     As I’ve been catching up on blogs I ran across one that talked about punishment spankings and mostly rejected the word “punishment”, preferring the terms “choice” or “consequence”. 
     Shortly after we reinstated spanking after my surgery, I earned a punishment spanking - and I mean really, really earned it by doing something that I promised I wouldn’t do again.  It was dangerous, stupid and I did it right in front of Lash.  He wasn’t able to do anything about it that day except hold me, listen to me talk about it and let me cry.  Then he asked if I needed a punishment spanking.  He thought I was being hard enough on myself, feeling miserable, full of regret and remorse.  I knew I needed the spanking, told him so and he gave me one the next day.  When I read the blog I mentioned above, I began to think about the term punishment.
     Punishment is “ the infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offense”.  Retribution is “punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved”. 
     I felt my spanking was morally right and fully deserved and it was my choice.  Lash and I have chosen this kind of life.  We mutually decide that some behavior is unacceptable to both of us.  We also agree that spanking will be the consequence when I behave in certain ways.  Lash has never punished me without my agreement.  So it is my “choice”, the “consequence” of my behavior and a just retribution or “punishment” - all three at once. In my mind, I can't separate them.
     A punishment spanking clears the air between us, relieves the weight of any guilt I carry and marks a new beginning.  Those are the reasons I believe it is good for us, necessary for us and, no matter what we name it, one embodiment of our love for each other.

Saturday, June 25


     Lash officially retired sometime this Spring.  Since he worked as a consultant, the actual date was pretty indefinite and it was not entirely voluntary.  Jobs in his field were drying up and the offers he got meant working farther from home in less than ideal conditions.
     While I was laid up with my foot surgery, I spent many hours working on a budget to get us through the next few years until our pensions, etc. could kick in.  Whenever I came up with something that might work, he always called it the "worst case scenario" meaning, I guess, that retirement was the worst that could happen!  I looked upon it as the "best case scenario" since he would no longer have to live in hotels and change jobs every few months.  It took a while for him to see retirement as a "good" option, something that might make him happy.
     I think that now, after a couple of months at home, he's satisfied with his decision.  He's gotten involved in some community activities and knows that we can easily travel to see our daughters on the spur of the moment since they live only 1.5 and 3 hours away.
     Most important is our time together.  We can now eat, sleep, talk, walk, play, make love and spank anytime it suits us.  This is so different from the years that he worked 50, 60, 70 hours per week or from the years he worked out-of-town for weeks or months on end.  I was told (only half in jest) that having him around all the time would drive me crazy, but I'm so happy to have him with me.  I want to cherish this time together because I've seen so many of our friends lose spouses - many of them much too young.
     I want to get in all the loving, spanking, intimacy, laughter and joy that we can while we're on this earth together and still healthy enough to do it all!  At our ages, we know we don't have forever, but we can have today and that's enough!

Friday, June 24

Back Again

     Hi!  I'm not sure anyone's out there reading this but I'll try to check in on some of our old blogging pals.
Lash and I are still here, still spanking and still feeling good about it!  The past year has been full of challenges.  Our moms have had various health crises.  Our kids have had their own life crises.  Daughter 2 is over her depression, Thank God!  Daughter 1 is back to work after maternity leave and her husband is working steadily but often out-of-town.  Our grandson is the joy of our existence and we try to visit him as often as possible!!  I had foot surgery in February and am just learning to walk without limping.  We completely refurbished an old condo (doing most of the work ourselves) and sold it.
     We just started spanking again after a 4 month hiatus and it has been wonderful!  Lash is retired and home full-time so we can get on a regular schedule of spanking - almost daily suits both of us for now.  We're getting into healthier eating and exercise now that we have the time.  I had a whopper of a bad mood/bad behavior slip yesterday and got a punishment spanking this morning - not what I was hoping for as we renew our commitment to spanking, but I did need it and I'm glad I got it.  I was miserable for half of yesterday and now I feel much better.  We'll talk about ways to forestall future problems in this area and get on with our lives.
     I'm eager to catch up with other blogs and will try to be a steady blogger again, I promise!