Monday, August 22

Catching Up!

That's what I'm doing in this post and that's what we've been doing for the past two weeks.
1.  Our Library sale made over $31,000 and that was a record!  We had almost 100 new  memberships which I need to process since I'm the membership chair.  
2.  Lash is getting more involved in his volunteer work and is loving it.
3.  We're having our house painted which means almost daily discussions and decisions:         color choices, where does the trim paint go, what does the painter need to have moved, opened, closed or not touched. 
4.  We went to visit daughter #1, SIL and grandson last weekend.  Yippee!!  We had loads of fun and helped our daughter with lots of cleaning which usually comes far down on her to-do list (after her husband, son and job).  Her hubby has been studying for a test which will mean more pay and better jobs and he passed it on Saturday!  We're so happy for them.
5.  Daughter #2 is dissatisfied with her job.  They've been on mandatory overtime for months and she's getting worn down with the 12 hour days and weekend work.  We try to be supportive but we worry - that's what parents do, right?
6.  Our moms are hanging in there.  My mom ran out of savings and applied for some VA assistance which has taken months to come through but is now approved.  Another Yippee!!  It will allow her to stay in assisted living which is where she is safe and happy.  We're keeping our fingers crossed for her cancer checkup in September.  Lash's mom seems to be OK but is a little lost since her close friend moved away.  She'll be 91 soon! 
7.  Hay fever has made us both miserable but I think the weed and grass allergen levels are getting lower (or so says AccuWeather).
8.  I've been trying to stay on a strict diet and exercise plan so that my doctor won't start me on a bunch of medication.  When I saw her today, I'd lost 7# (in three weeks) so another Yippee!!  I have one more test to see if I'm getting enough oxygen at night.  We live at 8000 feet so it's not uncommon to have this problem.
9.  TTWD:  It's been hard to find time with travel, allergies and an inconvenient paint crew hanging around outside the windows.  My attitude has slipped but we've had a few chances to get back on track.  Lash said I was "pissy" this morning about my doctor's appointment but I think I was just being "proactive"!  
10.  I'm trying to catch up on reading blogs but with over 13 million (or thereabouts) waiting in Google Reader I'm pretty far behind so I probably will just read and not comment.  I've read some really good posts in the last 2 weeks and have to say that this community has the most insightful, sensitive and wise bloggers!  Reading them has kept me from going crazy when I was fussing about all of the above!  Now a few more good spankings and I'll be nearly normal!


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear about what you've been up to...hope you get those spankings you need/want;)!


PK said...

I'm glad to see you back. We've become empty nest-ers while you've been away. Big change. I'm like you - "few more good spankings and I'll be nearly normal!"


ronnie said...

Hi Meow, lovely to see you. I like to read posts that let's us know what are friends have been up to so thanks.


Daisychain said...

Glad to see you back, Meow; wow, you HAVE been busy! Well done on the record sale! xxxx

K's sweetie said...

Glad things are going well for's good to hear from you!!

kiwigirliegirl said...

yeaahhhhh you're back :) missed you, glad things are going ok - and im sure you and lash will get back on track with the spankings...sometimes life just gets in the way - as hard as that is to understand and accept - well for me it is and big hugs kiwi x

findingsara said...

Glad to hear all is well! Sara