Thursday, May 6

Catching up

Hi!  I can't believe it's been three months since I posted here.  
     We've made many trips to see our new grandson and one trip to the Midwest in February to introduce him to his Great Grandmas, his Aunt and various other relatives.  He met at least 20 people in one weekend, poor kid!
     In late March, we made another trip to the Midwest to help our younger daughter who was in a deep depression. She's now on medication and doing well, but it was a close thing - very scary!
     While we were there we offered to move Lash's nearly-90 year old mother to a safer condo - safer in the sense of easier access in bad weather.  She accepted, so we had to begin renovations on the condo we own.  We have been putting these renovations off for over 2 years - everything about it was at least 20 years out of date, so it's proving to be a big job.  I plan to get everything done by June, but that means staying in the condo during the renovation and we do not have internet access there.  I go to an internet coffeeshop every few days but that allows just time enough to answer email and do some business - no time for reading or writing blog entries.
     Meanwhile, Lash's mom has had a heart attack and been in the hospital for about 10 days.  She may not even be able to move, so that decision is still pending.  She's recovering, but weak.
     Lash is now back home in the mountains, preparing to start a new job in June (for 5-6 months).  The job is in the city where our grandson lives, so we're very happy about it.  I'm joining him at home for a few days this weekend and then heading back to the condo for more cleaning, painting, wallpaper removal, etc.
     Spanking is on the back burner right now, but we still look for chances - like being in the same State!  I'm really looking forward to this weekend!!
     I'll try to catch up on the nearly 400 blog entries listed in Google Reader when I get a chance.  I miss reading about everyone's experiences!  Happy Spanking, Everyone! 

Saturday, February 6

Still here

     Lash and I are still alive and kicking - or I guess I should say "alive and spanking".  Lash is working a job in a nearby city (about 1.5 hours away including a temporary detour).  I visit him for an overnighter when I can.  I also spent a week with my daughter and the bambino while her husband was working out of town.  It's tax season for us - time to gather, compile and organize our records, both business and personal, before sending them off to the accountant.  It's also time for me to hand off the presidency of an organization.  I've held the office for two years and March will be the installation of new officers.  There is still a lot of paperwork to complete, but soon I'll be free!  Hooray!
     We have found time for some spanking and cuddling, etc.  I've been stressed lately and have been able to relax and cry during the last couple of spankings.  It helped soooooo much!  Lash even made a special trip home one morning after working the night shift, so that he could spank me.  He needed it as much as I did!!  I rearranged an appointment and we had a lovely morning together.  
     Today Lash is going to see the baby (and his parents), but I'm staying home because of possible bad weather.  Lash can probably get back to his job, but I might have trouble driving up the mountain to our home if the snow is as heavy as predicted.  So he gets to have some "Grandpa time"!  I guess it's only fair since I spent a whole week with the little cutey.
     I've been reading blogs when I can and will get back to commenting soon.  Right now it just feels good to be sitting on a stinging bottom again.  I hate it when Outside Life interferes with our Private Life!  Hugs to all my blogging friends!  I miss this little part of the world when I'm away.

Sunday, January 17

TTWD after One Year

     One year ago today, I shocked my poor Lash by suggesting that we try DD.  Of course neither of us knew what that really meant or what we were getting into. 
     Here's how I described our beginning in one of my first posts:
"I think I was born with the spanko gene and have found it exciting all my life but didn’t share my interest with Lash until we’d been married almost 20 years. We incorporated it into foreplay occasionally and that was where it ended, until January of this year (2009). One weekend, I found a website about Domestic Discipline, followed some links, read all I could and felt a buzz all over! This was what I’d been wanting, but I hadn’t known how to express it.
     I showed one of the websites to Lash and left the house to go to the supermarket. I was so nervous about his response I was literally shaking! But, when I returned, he responded with interest that has since developed into enthusiasm. We’ve been gradually refining “our” form of DD ever since."
     Since then we've tried a lot of things, rejected some and liked others.  We love being together more than at any time during our marriage.  We reconnect and reaffirm our love with every spanking.  Most of them are "maintenance", for no particular reason except that one or both of us needs it!  We feel both relaxed and energized after a spanking.  It has become a comfortable part of our lives - but never boring or routine!   Sometimes it leads to more intimate moments, but it has an intimacy of it's own that feels complete.
     When I try to think of beginning DD and continuing it without the blogging community, my mind just goes blank.  How could we have done it without the support we've received, without the guidance of those who had more experience?  I'm glad we haven't had to struggle on this journey alone - I love looking ahead and behind us on the path of TTWD and seeing friends who lead the way and friends who have just started.
     Most of all I want to say to Lash:  "Happy Anniversary, Husband!"  I feel like our "real" marriage started one year ago today! 

Sunday, January 10

I'm in Love!

Born this week!
Baby, Mother and Father doing well!
Grandparents, too!