Saturday, February 6

Still here

     Lash and I are still alive and kicking - or I guess I should say "alive and spanking".  Lash is working a job in a nearby city (about 1.5 hours away including a temporary detour).  I visit him for an overnighter when I can.  I also spent a week with my daughter and the bambino while her husband was working out of town.  It's tax season for us - time to gather, compile and organize our records, both business and personal, before sending them off to the accountant.  It's also time for me to hand off the presidency of an organization.  I've held the office for two years and March will be the installation of new officers.  There is still a lot of paperwork to complete, but soon I'll be free!  Hooray!
     We have found time for some spanking and cuddling, etc.  I've been stressed lately and have been able to relax and cry during the last couple of spankings.  It helped soooooo much!  Lash even made a special trip home one morning after working the night shift, so that he could spank me.  He needed it as much as I did!!  I rearranged an appointment and we had a lovely morning together.  
     Today Lash is going to see the baby (and his parents), but I'm staying home because of possible bad weather.  Lash can probably get back to his job, but I might have trouble driving up the mountain to our home if the snow is as heavy as predicted.  So he gets to have some "Grandpa time"!  I guess it's only fair since I spent a whole week with the little cutey.
     I've been reading blogs when I can and will get back to commenting soon.  Right now it just feels good to be sitting on a stinging bottom again.  I hate it when Outside Life interferes with our Private Life!  Hugs to all my blogging friends!  I miss this little part of the world when I'm away.